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The Soothing Blanket
Our award winning "Soothing" Blankets are now made in the USA. Made of stretchy, breathable, 100% cotton muslin fabric, and comes in a wide array of colors which are hand-dyed with special color safe dye to ensure long lasting color. One of the most important aspects of our swaddle blankets is their size. Most typical store-bought blankets are simply too small to properly exercise this technique on an infant. Our swaddling blankets are a generous 46"x 46" and can easily accommodate babies up to 18 pounds and up to nine months of age. The Soothing Blanket comes in 3-Packs, 2-Pack, and Singles. Safety is our #1 priority so our swaddling demonstration videos, featuring our treasured baby expert Corky Harvey, RN, using our Soothing Blanket, will teach you the proper techniques for swaddling your baby.

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Monkey Around Soothing Blanket 3 Pack by Luna Lullaby Blueberries on Top Soothing Blanket Single by Luna Lullaby Blue Monkey Soothing Blanket Single by Luna Lullaby Brown Bear Soothing Blanket Single by Luna Lullaby